Change your way of thinking and find the love in your heart you’ve never met

I find it easy to discard negative thoughts about myself.

I always think of myself in a totally positive way.

I expect to succeed because I am a successful person.

I will succeed because I deserve to succeed.

I am drawn towards success.

I persevere with all my efforts towards success.

I am quick to see and use all opportunities for success.

I plan for success and, therefore, easily find success.

My naturally successful personality ensures my natural success.

I find it easy to achieve my goals and I set my goals high.

My goals become closer with every day that passes.

I always achieve what I set out to achieve.

I become steadily more confident with each day that passes.

I am a worthwhile and loveable person.

I am a naturally popular individual and I exude warmth to others.

I like myself and I’m pleased with everything I do.

I approve of myself.

I am my own person, the equal of all others.

I am forthright, trustworthy, and honest in all my dealings.

I face fears and responsibilities with ease.

I am a naturally lucky person.

I expect things to work out well, and they do.

I naturally move towards solutions rather than away from problems.

I am naturally a solution-orientated individual.

I make decisions quickly.

I achieve amazing results with everything I do.

My mind is a bottomless well of creative ideas.

Streams of creative thought flow constantly in my mind.

I always find solutions that work.

I am always relaxed and assured in everything I do.

I am effective in all my undertakings.

Other people are inspired by my efforts.

I can easily bring great concentration to bear on anything I wish.

My powers of concentration become stronger every day.

My memory improves as my concentration becomes more intense.

My memory grows better every day; the more I use it, the better it gets.

I possess great energy; the more I use it, the more I have.

I am naturally enthusiastic and enthusiasm gives me energy.

I am a natural optimist; I can always turn a setback into an advantage.

I am a dynamic person and I pursue my goals energetically.

I think of what I want to happen.

I think of how I want to be.

I look forward to beneficial change and I enjoy it.

I do everything that is necessary to achieve my goals.

I am calm and relaxed.

My thoughts are uplifting and nurturing.

I enjoy thinking positive thoughts.

I feel good about myself and my life.

I deserve to feel good right now.

I feel peaceful and calm.

My breathing is slow and calm.

My muscles are relaxed and comfortable.

I am grounded and fully present.

I effectively handle any situation that comes my way.

I find solutions to my emotional issues with ease and calmness.

I am grateful for all the good things in my life.

I practice the relaxation methods that I enjoy.Image